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Irmãs Pereira
Irmãs Pereira

Irmãs Pereira

Irmas Pereira Estate is perched in the high mountains of the South Minas Water Spa Circuit, near the towns of Lambari, Carmo de Minas and São Lourenço. The 300 acres of Pereira Estate bring together all the fundamental requirements for the production of great coffees: altitude, climate, and personal dedication. The day-to-day attention to detail of the Pereira Family leaves its personal mark on the coffees produced by Pereira Estate. Their coffee beans are gaining widespread international recognition for their exceptional quality. In 2002 Pereira Estate was one of the winners in the Cup of Excellence coffee quality competition.


Expect an earthy, floral aroma and a licorice, plum on the palate. We tried this coffee on ice and, interestingly, got plenty of cucumber and mint as well. The Irmãs Pereira is versatile and one of the more exceptional Brazilian coffees we’ve tried. 

Origin ~ Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais

Process ~ Anaerobic Natural

Varietal ~ Bourbon, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Catuaí and Catucaí

Size 12 oz

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