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Worka Sakaro
Worka Sakaro

Worka Sakaro

Naturally fermented aerobic coffee has been around since the early days of coffee cultivation. A somewhat newer process, however, is anaerobic fermentation, which aims to exclude oxygen from the fermentation process. This tends to produce distinct acids that give the final product a striking flavor.


During the fermentation process, anaerobics are placed in sealed tanks that are pressurized from CO2 buildup, while the remaining pressure and oxygen are let out using release valves. Some theorize that this additional pressure forces the juices and sugars into the bean. The fermentation can take place in cherry or de-pulped in the mucilage. In this Worka Sakaro, the cherry has been kept intact throughout the process, potentially adding to its depth and sweetness.


We taste juicy white grape, but with the mouthfeel of biting into a crisp pear. An earthy sweetness reminds us of raw honey, as opposed to a refined sugar. This coffee is light and elegant and will please those looking for complexity!

Origin ~ Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Process ~ Anaerobic Natural

Varietal ~ Heirloom Cultivars

Size 12 oz

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