Mwito - Rwanda (Natural Process)
Mwito - Rwanda (Natural Process)
Mwito - Rwanda (Natural Process)

Mwito - Rwanda (Natural Process)


Tasting notes:  Red Apple, Sassafras, Honey


The Mwito Washing Station sits on the shores of Lake Kivu in West Nyamasheke.
Mwito washing station was constructed in 2008, but for many years there was no stability due to a lack of financing. For all those years, farmers lacked a consistent partner who would support them beyond buying coffee cherries. RTC purchased Mwito in 2017 and operated it  for the first time in the 2018 season. One year after, all farmers had been registered to enroll in RTC’s farmer impact programs for extension services and preparation for certification. In 2019 RTC built a kindergarten school for the coffee farmers’ children.


Origin ­­- Rwanda

Location – West Nyamasheke

Farm – Mwito

Processing method – Natural, dried on raised beds for 11 to 14 days

Altitude – 1,347 meters above sea level

Varietal – Red Bourbon


Sourced through Balzac Brothers. Origin photos courtesy of Balzac Brothers.

Whole Bean Coffee.

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